Two brands one philosophy.

De Angelis is proud to announce a new major acquisition: starting from today “Verum – Bevi più Naturale” is an integral part of the group. 

Our creative soul, which is focused both on diversification and growth, is a great source of satisfaction. New recipes from the traditional to the more contemporary ones, new plants to keep up with the needs of large-scale retail trade, new collaborators, an increased tournover and finally the lease of an historical production plant such as Genico pasta factory as well as the acquisition of Verum. 

Verum is an authentic and unique brand on the market which invites consumers not only to drink but also to live more naturally and this claim is not just an empty promise but a truth. Even though growth is one of our main goals we don’t want for any reason to give up on our mission that is to say to bring authentic goodness in every consumer’s home. 

We want to grow, we want to become even more competitive in Italy and also internationally, we want to deseasonlize our offer, in other words, we want to be competitive all year round, in autumn and winter with our fresh pasta and during spring and summer with Verum drinks. 

Verum preserves the goodness and the genuineness of the Mediterranean see, like De Angelis it has a sustainable and genuine ethic, a soul that quenches consumer’s thirst for wellbeing. This is precisely what we like so much about the brand Verum: the concept of wellbeing and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. No flavors, no colorings, no preservatives, 100% ‘free from’ and 100% Made in Italy, less sugar and moreover many traditional raw materials are processed using infusion and pressing methods to preserve their precious natural essence. 

Verum and Slow Food. Two authentic worlds.

Verum products include: Bergamot juice, which is pure wellbeing, and the Soft drink line which is made from Bergamot, Diamante variety Citrons, Blood Oranges and from Calabrian Chinotto. And that’s not all. Verum also offers the delicious “Botaniche Mixology” with Ginger and Lime infusion, Bergamot essential oils and Quassia infusion and the “Premium Indian Tonic Water” with quinine tonic. Among Verum products there is also the 100% Bergamot juice, a squeeze of the precious citrus fruit without adding water or sugar. And again, the fresh cold teas line with the Earl Grey tea made from the infusion of green tea and Bergamot and the Ginger and Rocca Imperiale Lemon tea. The passion and the willingness to give birth to beverages that are the centre of a new ideology of wellbeing did not go unnoticed by the Slow Food brand, and so an exclusive partnership took shape: this is a partnership that places the value of authenticity, responsibility and awareness of improving the quality of soft drinks at the centre of the business and future. Verum and Slow Food: the same vision of the world and the same passion for healthy things that comes from the respect for local territories and traditions. 

De Angelis, Verum & MOKA INSTICT. Wellness in all its forms.

Growing, diversifying and bringing genuineness without compromise to everyone’s table. This is the will that guide us towards tomorrow. For this reason, De Angelis looks with interest and with the desire to take MOKA INSTICT brand far afield, especially abroad. Energizing, genuine, based on coffee and water, for those who never give up drinking more natural. New acquisitions, new trends, new ideas. This is the beauty of our creative soul.

We are looking for distributors and agents for foreign countries, if interested please send an email to