Concluded the agreement with Genico: the historical pasta factory based in Due Carrare (PD).   

De Angelis embodies thirty-eight years of love for fresh pasta and a creative soul that has always been inspired by the values of good food: taste, genuineness, tradition, imagination and tons of innovation. 

It is with a spirit dedicated to excellence and constant growth that the De Angelis brand continues to amaze looking at the future, always offering new innovations: new healthy and delicious recipes such as fresh-filled pasta, the opening of new production plants to offer an ever-improving service, the hiring of 30 new collaborators and so much more!

The leasing of a branch of the historic Genico pasta factory in Due Carrare (renowned especially for the quality of its tortellini and ravioli) brings the De Angelis brand closer and closer to the leadership in the sector. A further success in terms of turnover: 80 million euros are gained thanks to the new production entry that exports all over Europe, especially to Germany, using highly automated plants that respect the essential ingredient, that is to say, the genuine goodness.

Since 1983, when the first laboratory for fresh egg pasta was established in Villafranca, the De Angelis brand has come a long way… New plants and new production lines, the launch of ultra-modern gourmet products, gluten-free, organic and organic vegan recipes that contributes to the production of over 14.000 tons per year of fresh pasta. Quality certifications cover the entire production, from the dough to the last process, moreover new technologies that implement bronze drawn pasta with laminated and filled pasta have been introduced, and now the last big agreement in 2021 with the 4th plant in Padua for 2 new production lines dedicated to bronze drawn filled pasta. In order to continue to amaze our partners and customers, we try to continue to grow in the name of craftsmanship and quality, which in the end are and will always remain the true secret of a company’s success.

We would like to thank the owner of the pasta factory Genico Srl, the entrepreneur Enzo Ancillotto, who believed in De Angelis allowing a new great consolidation of our brand in the production of fresh pasta.