On 10 June 2023 at Villafranca Castle we dedicated the event to customers, suppliers, collaborators and their families, all those who have contributed to the growth of De Angelis.

For 40 years, the values that have guided De Angelis Food have been the pursuit of excellence, Italian craftsmanship, far-sightedness and global vision, linked inseparably with creativity and innovation, listening to the customer and the market, and above all, attention to food. This has allowed us to make our own the market trends that have guided the internationalisation of the company, which today is a global company, capable of covering all markets, but always with a Veneto soul.

“Our goal is to reach 200 million euro turnover as soon as possible,” says CEO Paolo Pigozzo, “always focusing on innovation and the conquest of new territories and new markets. One of the objectives of the gala was to crystallise the path we have travelled together so far and to visualise the new goals to be reached and the new challenges to be overcome”.

The evening was mainly focused on conviviality and sharing, with comedian Paolo Cevoli and live music played by the Bàbata Band entertaining the guests.