New Collection “Gourmet Gold Selection”

De Angelis, in collaboration with the best Italian chefs, is pleased to present the new collection ‘Gourmet Selezione Oro’.  

This is a sumptuous gourmet line with highly sought after seafood recipes. We invite you to discover the delicious panzerotti with baccalà (salted codfish) and the tasty panzerotti with salmon.

Two specialties, in 250g packs, born out of a partnership with the prestigious brand ‘Saòr Del Mar’, which is always a guarantee of quality. The salted cod (the Gadus Morhua!) is prepared following Venetian tradition. Made only with fresh and genuine ingredients: dried cod, oil, milk, salt, pepper. Panzerotti filled with salmon, on the other hand, are prepared with the inimitable Norwegian salmon and, the sauce, is without added glutamate.

What is so special about these products? Both products have 100% high-quality fish filling and this filling is prepared using traditional, northern Italian methods. Both the salmon and the cod are cooked over a low heat in traditional pots to maintain the flavour and consistency of the filling. The cod is “mantecato” which means that it is hand whipped in order to create a creamy, delicious consistency. The quality and taste cannot be replicated on an industrial level and for this reason the fillings are all hand made. But this is what creates the magical taste.

Recommended by the best chefs… ‘Gourmet Gold Selection’!